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Cultivating success: providing material handling solutions to farmers

19th January 2024

Material handling in agriculture faces numerous challenges, from fluctuating seasonal demands to the need for specialised equipment. Farmers often struggle with issues such as supply chain... 

Technology-based solutions, refuse compactors and recycling programmes key to driving efficiency in the highly specialised world of waste management

11th January 2024

According to the latest available statistics, South Africans generate about 122 million tonnes of waste per year, of which only 10% is recycled or recovered for other uses. At least 90% is... 

Electric forklifts keeping pace with e-commerce warehousing demands

7th December 2023

Online shopping – or e-commerce – has taken the retail industry by storm, with some sources predicting that by 2040, almost 95% of all shopping will be at least in part facilitated by e-commerce.... 

Reach stackers are revolutionising container handling processes

1st December 2023

Container yards are essential for the global transportation of goods, and the cargo handling equipment that gets utilised within them is critical to make the handling process as seamless and... 

Tailor-made lifting machines save money in the long run

20th November 2023

There is often a misconception that a tailor-made machine designed and built to fit specific job requirements will be more expensive than a standard, unmodified machine. On the face of it, a... 

Latest News by Engineering News

OATC celebrates tenth anniversary, highlights importance of offshore safety

23rd February 2024

The Offshore Africa Training Centre (OATC), in Cape Town, in the Western Cape, celebrated its tenth anniversary on February 22 and introduced a new survival training course. As South Africa moves... 

SAWEA appoints new chairperson

23rd February 2024

The South Africa Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) has elected three new board members – Lena Chirwa, Lance Blaine and Nontokozo Nkozi, who will serve as treasurer – for the 2024 financial year.... 

Absa launches repositioned brand, aims for human-centred banking

23rd February 2024

Financial services provider Absa has launched its repositioned brand, signalling a shift to a more deliberately customer-centric business with the new brand promise being the theme ‘Your Story... 

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