Use Mandela Day to catalyse climate change action – Climate Commission

18th July 2023 By: Sashnee Moodley - Senior Deputy Editor Polity and Multimedia

Use Mandela Day to catalyse climate change action – Climate Commission

Photo by: Reuters

As South Africans remember and commemorate former President Nelson Mandela on Tuesday, the Presidential Climate Commission (PCC) is urging society and governments to use the day to encourage action against the impacts of climate change.

July 18 marks Nelson Mandela International Day, to celebrate South Africa’s former Statesman by encouraging acts of kindness, in the spirit of Madiba’s values.

PCC executive director Dr Crispian Olver on Tuesday encouraged the acceptance of a just transition, at the core of which, he said, was the African concept of Ubuntu, which was championed by Mandela.

“As we celebrate this year led by the Nelson Mandela Foundation with the support of all social partners, we believe that the eternal monument we can dedicate to Mandela is the acceleration of action in addressing the real, clear and present danger of climate change impacts on our societies and our development goals,” Olver said.

He pointed out that poor communities bore the brunt of the effects of climate change and reiterated calls from the PCC for ambitious, bold and immediate actions.

Olver stressed the need to catalyse change globally to deal with climate change and food insecurity.

“As we look towards developing and leading a climate change agenda that speaks to the challenges and realities of our nation and the developing nations, we call upon the developed nations to carry out their responsibility and meet their development, trade and investment commitments in ensuring a just transition driven by mitigation and adaptation development pathways,” he said.