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Polystyrene panels in cold storage facilities a fire risk

12th June 2024

In examining fire-safety issues related to polystyrene panels in cold storage, it is crucial to consider international standards and the inherent risks associated with this material, according to... 

Thatch-roofed structures face increasing insurance challenges due to fire risk

14th May 2024

Insurance companies are increasingly leery to insure thatch-roofed structures, says ASP Fire CEO Michael van Niekerk. The danger posed by thatch in terms of fire risk was starkly illustrated... 

Fire risks posed by lithium-ion batteries

10th May 2024

Amid the increasing popularity of renewable-energy systems, including solar and battery energy storage systems, fire engineering consultant and manufacturer ASP Fire asserts that lithium-ion... 

A rational design for fire-safety purposes is not just a tick box exercise

30th April 2024

As building regulations evolve and safety standards are updated, the importance of consulting an expert for a proper rational design in fire protection is increasingly vital. ASP Fire CEO Michael... 

Spate of Joburg building fires calls for proactive fire-safety planning

19th February 2024

The most recent incident of a fire breaking out in the Johannesburg Central Business District (CBD) in the early hours of Saturday morning on 3 February highlights the importance of the rational... 

Latest News by Engineering News

Electric aviation company chooses Siemens software for its design processes

Updated 5 hours ago

Australian sustainable aviation company Dovetail Electric Aviation (Dovetail) has selected Siemens Digital Industries Software’s Xcelerator software portfolio to employ in the design of its... 

CoJ, City Power say High Court did not consider all evidence in Eskom case

Updated 5 hours ago

In response to a recent Johannesburg High Court order favouring State-owned utility Eskom in a payment dispute with the City of Johannesburg (CoJ) and City Power, the CoJ and City Power say the... 

61% of manufacturers expect AI to drive growth by 2029, study finds

Updated 6 hours ago

Nasdaq-listed Zebra Technologies has found that 61% of manufacturers expect AI to drive growth in the sector by 2029, up from 41% in 2024. These findings are part of Zebra’s ‘2024 Manufacturing... 

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